How Keanu Reeves Prepares for His perfect roleplay: Method Acting


In this article, we’ll take a look at the method acting process that Keanu Reeves goes through to get into character. 

Reeves Commits to His Role

For his role in The Matrix, Reeves learned kung fu and spent hours in front of the mirror practicing his fight scenes. For his role in John Wick, he worked with a coach to learn how to shoot guns and ride horses. 

Reeves Researches His Character

For his latest movie, 47 Ronin, Reeves studied martial arts and samurai culture for months in order to get the part just right.  

Reeves Embodies His Character

By using a technique called Method acting. This is a process that requires an actor to completely understand his character inside and out, including their backstory, motivation, and emotional state. 

Reeves Becomes His Character

Reeves takes it a step further by doing research on the actual places and people his character is based on. For example, for his role in The Matrix 

Reeves Disappears Into His Character

For his latest movie, John Wick 3 : Parabellum, Reeves spent months training with the world’s best martial artists so that he could convincingly play this role  

Reeves Brings His Characters to Life

Reeves likes to get into the mindset of his character and understand their backstory. 


To get into the skin of his characters, he goes to extreme lengths in preparation, adopting the same lifestyle and even wearing the same clothes as them. 

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